About us

A brief insight into our background and the 'main pillars' in our approach...

The founder of the business David Oldroyd has been an operationally centred senior executive and Consultant for 30+ years. He has worked in and for blue chip Plc’s and medium sized private enterprises. Latterly he has also focused on smaller established and start up businesses.

Every market condition has been experienced, and growth and improvement has always been achieved whatever the circumstances. Throughout this period he has held onto three key preoccupations:

  1. Retaining customers is far more cost effective than perpetually having to acquire them – hence a commitment to outstanding service delivery.
  2. Operational efficiency driven off the back of simple but effective process platforms that facilitate getting it right.
  3. Finally, but most important of all is the desire to create teams and working environments that are demanding, fulfilling and ultimately fun!

All of this can be encapsulated in ‘Quality People, employing Quality processes to deliver Quality products and services - in pursuit of sustainable quality profits’.

This is the Deemac difference – and if David and his team can’t do it themselves they have access to exceptional specialists capable of dealing with most issues.