Case Studies

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Just a flavour - Highlighting ecommerce, auto retail and a technology based start-up.


This small paving and building surface  protection specialist business had not made the progress expected and the founder asked for help from DCS. This initially resulted in its primary target markets being reviewed and modified. An audit was then undertaken to determine business to market ‘fit’ and this generated a list of priority actions.

Then came the hard part. Virtually every part of the business was scrutinised and reworked so as to present a thoroughly professional face to the market. Examples included new marketing materials , website, technical library and case studies, treatment range large scale expansion, and alliance partnering to enable the business to outpunch its weight.

The big breakthrough however was recognising that the markets were primarily driven by legislative compliance and this led to a major initiative to equip the business with the capability to tick all the right boxes and secure the appropriate accreditations.

It is anticipated that the level of client enquiries will now grow quickly. Sales year on year are up by 48% and the effect of these changes has hardly been felt as yet.


Bedfordia Motor Group

This relatively small retail motor group was underperforming when it chose to engage the services of Deemac consultancy. The brief was to improve the performance of the group and recommend a viable franchise partner strategy to the holding company board.

Deemac developed a simple ‘Health Check’ process in conjunction with the Bedfordia management and applied it at each site. This quickly confirmed the state of each part of the business and also highlighted inadequacies at Head Office. Performance improvement plans were agreed and sold in at each location and management improvements reported and acted on. Assistance was given in the production of the case for change where it impacted on the franchise relationship. Key changes were approved and effected.

Meanwhile a complete franchise assessment was undertaken and changes prioritised. Key relationships were developed and as a result new franchises were added and others terminated. These changes resulted in a complete transformation in performance levels in terms of financial results, franchise relationships and the customer experience. Subsequently key franchise relationships have continued to develop leading to further acquisitions.


Pedalite Ltd

This start up business had spent some time perfecting a fully patented technology based cycle user safety product which needed to be fully exploited. David was invited to join the team in a non executive capacity and he instituted a complete strategy review to include:

  • A new product strategy.
  • The transfer of production overseas.
  • A new sales strategy involving both direct and indirect routes to market.
  • A new website.
  • The creation of a proper R&D activity.
  • The strengthening of the management.
  • The creation of the business case for funding.

The business is now stable, new products are flowing out of R&D, worldwide distribution has been established and volumes are climbing. Ltd’s journey into Argos on Line – David initially got involved with as 3iPlc were at that time the primary investor. 3i needed a viable business plan on which they could mount an IPO. Working with the business founder a plan was created, and in addition a lot of cost reduction opportunities were identified.

David was invited to become a Non Exec Director and consultant to work through these opportunities and effect savings. The opportunity for an IPO evaporated and other options were evaluated. A trade sale strategy was agreed which David helped to deliver. Argos completed due diligence and bought the business. They quickly spotted the benefits of David’s involvement and retained his services beyond the acquisition. A few months later the business founder left the business and David was asked to stabilise the business and develop a more efficient business model.

Losses were cut by 90% and various strategy options put to the Argos Board re the future of The option selected was to integrate the offer into Argos and sell off the independent infrastructure. This was completed to time and budget.

Highlight included:

  • The successful adoption of a previously untried new IS platform as the pilot for its transfer into the balance of Argos.
  • A fundamental rethink on Marketing strategy including the introduction of ‘affiliate programmes.’
  • A complete organisational review that embraced ‘employee testing’, cultural assessments, and team motivation techniques.
  • The adoption of a new stock supply model that led to the business becoming partially stockless.
  • A customer experience improvement strategy that ultimately led to its award winning position on service. Included ‘out of normal hours deliveries’, pre delivery prompts etc.

These are just four of the many improvement journeys undertaken.