We aim to be your flexible friend...

Mentoring and coaching

Leading any business or department can be a daunting experience and it is on occasion extremely difficult to share problems and opportunities with others in the business. Indeed, there are occasions where there is no internal point of experience to refer to.

In these cases we can provide the support and coaching required on a confidential one to one basis, evaluating options and arriving at an approach that works for you! We agree a service frequency dependant on the issue.

Interim management

In smaller businesses it is unlikely that high quality resources are readily available to deal with the introduction of new initiatives and programmes. Often the existing management try and cope with the incremental increased demands created, and this can lead to programme deadlines and budgets being missed! In addition, key day to day activities are impacted adversely by the inevitable distraction.

We can temporarily become part of your team, facilitating the delivery of the initiative at hand and then we leave. This means your initiative is delivered at minimum impact and cost to you.


The expertise we can bring to your business is a product of real ‘hands on’ strategic and operational experience both as senior executives and independent consultants. We can call on over 60 years of knowledge accrued in a variety of fast moving, tight margin environments with scale varying from start-up to blue chip.

We have handled growth, contraction, turn rounds, product creation and launch, process framework development, performance improvement and monitoring to include K.P.I’s and benchmarking, cost base adjustment, strategy development and implementation, and critically team and customer relationship improvement.

Our functional strengths are embedded in operations, sales and marketing, finance, supply chain, logistics, product support and aftersales. We also have direct access to H.R and Health & Safety specialists.

However you elect to use Deemac, our approach is consistent. We aim to:

  • Quickly understand and relate to your business, its objectives and culture.
  • Determine your requirements and prioritise them with you.
  • Identify and propose opportunities for improvement.
  • Actively encourage your self sufficiency. We leave as soon as we can to minimise cost and maximise local ownership.
  • We do NOT abandon you however! We will monitor agreed outcomes in accordance with your requirements.